Cycling for body fitness

Become a good biker in one month - Ultimate cycle riding guideline

Some tips for You

Riding bike regularly makes a biker to good rider . So if you want to become a good road , mountain , racer biker then ride your cycle regularly . Becuse only riding makes you a perfect rider . 

If you want keep your body fit , then cycling can be good exercise for you . Regular cycling will help you to keep your body fit.

To become a good cycle rider is not tough but need regular practice . You need not to attend in a training course for improving yourself in riding . If you have a dream to ride cycle safely and want to become a good road biker in a month then this sort article on road biking will be help you to fulfill your dream . Keep reading , because I am going to tell you some tips for success . 

What you need to start ::
Some important thing you need to start . here are the list you need ..
  1.  A road bike
  2. Bike helmet (for safety )
  3.  Shoes .

Road bike : 
You need a good road bike for start riding . You have then okay , if not then Don't worry you can buy a best road under your budget . there are lot more bikes available on market place under your budget . Suppose you want to buy a bike under 500 dollars, I am ensuring you there are lot of bike under 500$ . search on google and read the bikes review and buy your desired bike . 

Bike helmet : 
Wearing a helmet during your riding will help you to safe . if you fallen down  bike helmet will protect your head from hart . so before start riding please take your helmet . 

Shoes : 
shoes will help you to make paddle perfectly . so before going for riding please wear shoes . 

How to start riding : 
Nothing to worry about it . Just take your bikes and go to road, start riding . to become a good rider you can make plan for a month . 

Riding plan for month : 
  • First week : just ride in 10 km per day ..
  • Second week : just ride 20 km per day ..  
  • third week : just ride 50 km per day ..  
  • Last week : Go for long drive , it should at least 100 km per day  ..
if you follow this I am sure after one month you will be a good bike rider . So don't Think about training just keep riding .   

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